Post From Panda

Weekly Panda Post for Reception - paused due to covid-19

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For only £9.99 a month you get...  

  • A WEEKLY personalised letter from Panda for your child - targeted reading practice delivered to your door
  • FREE folder to collect letters in
  • FREE clubcard, activity sheet and stickers
  • An EXTRA letter to your child's grown up to introduce Panda 
  • An EXTRA letter to your child in the first week to get them started straight away
  • All sent directly to your little person as REAL POST via Royal Mail 

Perfect reading practice delivered every week  

    Unsubscribe at any time. No contract.  
    When does my subscription finish?

    We'll end your subscription automatically in the summer. Your final payment will be in June and will deliver 4 final letters. So, if your final payment is on the 30th June you will receive 4 more letters through July.  

    How do you know what reading level my child is?

    Panda Post follows the UK National Curriculum. As the year progresses, we slowly add more letters and sounds.  

    Do we start at the beginning or join an ongoing scheme?

    You join an ongoing scheme. Each letter is perfectly designed to best support your child's learning that particular week in their school year. 

    *Panda Post is only currently open to customers in the UK