Free Panda Post

In Reception or learning to read?


In light of the current global coronavirus pandemic and the widespread school closures, we've decided to make every single letter from Panda freely available to download and use at home. 

You can use them digitally or print them out and play along, popping them in an envelope and posting them through your door. 

Every letter has a blank space at the top where you can write your child's name. 

They're grouped below in the Panda Reading Band Colours, which are similar to the Oxford Reading Tree colour bands. If you're not sure which colour is suitable for your child, have a look and see which most resemble the reading books your child's using at school at the moment. 



Panda Pre Pink - early Reception level

Don't Pat the Crocodile Pip!

Night Night Panda

All the Pandas Play Snap

Share the Chair Pip!

All the Pandas Brush Their Teeth

Oh No! The Pandas Break the Den

Dad's Snowy Treasure Hunt

Christmas Day


Panda Pink - mid Reception level

Spot Needs a Dog Bed

Panda Goes Pond Dipping

Can Spot Bat?

Tig Finds a Dinosaur

Panda's Camping Disaster


Panda and the Muddy Pig

Spot Gets Lost

Pip's Pet Bun

Panda Pink Spots

Spot You Smell!

Panda's Pet Parrot

Ninja Panda!

Panda and the Hen



Panda Red - mid Reception level

Panda Learns to Swim

Panda Drops the Jam

Hide and Seek Panda

Splash! Dad's Laptop!

Panda Does X Factor

Panda Gets a Pet Dragon

Pog the Dragon Goes CRASH!

Panda's Sports Day

Panda Gets Chicken Pox

Panda's Foggy Day

Pip Can't Be Batman

Ahhh! The Frogs in the Shed!


Panda Yellow - later Reception level

Moon Panda

Panda Goes to the Farm

Panda Goes to the North Pole

Fancy Dress Party

Panda Meets a Monster

Cub Camp

Panda Goes to the Zoo

Do NOT Shampoo Pog

Panda's Lemonade Shop

Cheese and Jam Sandwich

Gold Star for Panda

Panda Goes Horse Riding

Panda Goes to the Dentist

Panda and the Penguins