Why Don’t Panda’s Letters start with ‘To’ or ‘Dear’?

When your child opens Panda’s letter the first word they see is pretty important.

Is it easy to read or hard to read?

Do they know it? Or is it an effort straight away?

In Panda’s letters the first word your child will read will be their own name. For most children this is the first word they learn to read and recognise with ease.

Panda Post uses that to help launch them into reading their letter with confidence.

‘To’ is a tricky word and ‘Dear’ has letters and a sound that they won’t become familiar with until later in Reception.

Their name at the top of the letter gives them an easy start.

AND, it captures their attention.

It’s personalised.

It’s just for them.

Panda Post is all about getting your child enthusiastic and excited about reading practice and their very own name is the perfect place to start.