The Struggle Moment & How to Handle It

I realised telling my little one the words they were struggling with was super tempting when they were reading to me.

It’s such a temptation to support them/help them/get reading time over with tonight and I would jump in to just put them out of their misery and finish that page. But it’s a short term fix with no long term gain. 

Let them struggle, a bit.  

Let them use their new skill.

They’ll get there in the end and when they do their reading will be stronger and deeper.

If your little one is struggling over a word try to resist quickly finishing it for them 90% of the time.

What if they are really stuck?

OK, then jump in!

Give them a bit of the word: the first letter, the first sound, that tricky word.

As ever, it’s a balance.

Jumping in occasionally can help if they’re in the flow and generally used to tackling words on their own.

But the rest of the time wait that extra bit longer to see if they can get there all by themselves.




Yasmin Finch

Children’s Author, Mum of 2 rocket-fuelled boys and creator of Post From Panda