Regular reading practice? THIS will really help

When we're out of the usual routines I always find it harder to keep things like regular reading practice going.

But I realised doing THIS really helped…

>attach reading practice to something you do all the time<

In our house it was sandwiched between bath and bedtime.

We always did stories then anyway, and so we do a bit of reading practice every day before story time.

Some days we only manage a single page.

It has even been known to just be a ‘you read the book title’ situation on reallllllly tired days, but it’s always there and doing reading practice when we do something we regularly do anyway really helps keep it going.

It could be after breakfast, or curled up on the sofa after dinner. After tooth brushing or before TV time.

Just pick something which your little one does every day and add in 5 minutes of reading practice.

I say 5 minutes, even 30 seconds will make a massive impact.

It's about doing it regularly and keeping their little minds practicing the new recognition of letters and sounds.

Then if you slip out of it a bit in holidays or weekends it won’t matter so much, because you’ll have a regular pattern of it happening anyway that will help you pick it back up again.


Love Yasmin