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"Clara loves receiving her Panda letters and I can tell she is reading it when I hear her laughing to herself."

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"Each letter is perfectly pitched to your child's reading level and will support your child on their journey towards becoming a fluent reader. Bravo Panda Post!"


"The letters are fabulous, I'm drawn in immediately & I'm excited to read it, never mind Harry!"

Karen, Mum to Harry

"It's excellent. A really engaging & funny mini-story in each letter."

Amanda, Mum to Edith

"Please can I take my letters from Panda into school to show my friends and my teacher?"


"We read it together on the stairs after school.  Sebastian was so excited to open his first letter."

Fran, Mum to Sebastian



Written by Children's Author Yasmin Finch

Panda Post is written and created by children's author,

academic and mama Dr Yasmin Finch Read more here

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